College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

MA in Psychology (Psychological Science Program)

Program Highlights

Waleet Jami

Waleed Jami, M.A. Psychological Science 2017
Ph.D. student, Interdisciplinary Social Psychology program
University of Nevada, Reno

"The Psychological Science program prepared me for PhD level coursework and research. It was indispensable for my growth as a scholar."

Anna Bartel

Anna Bartel, M.A. Psychological Science 2016
PhD student in Cognitive Psychology
Interdisciplinary Training Program in Education Sciences Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I am a proud graduate of California State University, Chico’s Psychological Science Program. I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am in academia today without the Psychological Science program. The training I received from this program, and from faculty associated with this program, has created a solid foundation from which I can, and will, build a successful career in psychological research.”

Brandon Fry

Brandon Fry, M.A. Psychological Science 2016
Associate Faculty at Butte College and part-time Lecturer at CSU, Chico

“The Psychological Science program contributed greatly to my intellectual maturity and academic professionalism.  More specifically, it provided me with the opportunity to be mentored by lots of great professors, develop the necessary skills to pursue my research interests, and most importantly, prepared me to teach!  The program also instilled or established a foundation for me to pursue PhD programs if I decide to in the future.”

Jung Yul Kwon

Jung Yul Kwon, M.A. Psychological Science 2014
PhD student in the Social Psychology Program at Arizona State University

"How could I ever say only a few words about the Psychological Science program? It was life-changing. It provided optimal support and foundational training for pursing a doctorate degree in psychology."
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Allee Kreamer

Allee Kreamer, M.A. Psychological Science 2013
Lecturer at CSU, Chico and Butte College
Psi Chi adviser at Chico State and Psychology Club adviser at Butte College

“The Psychological Sciences program was life changing. During the program I was able to work with incredible faculty members to refine my research and teaching skills. Thanks to the amazing teaching preparation and networking opportunities the program provided I was offered two different teaching opportunities before I had even finished my degree. I often recommend the Psychological Sciences program to students interested in graduate school within psychology!”

Hector Topete

Hector Topete, M.A. Psychological Science 2010
Supervisor/Statistician - EA Family Services

“The knowledge and skills I gained during the Psych Science program are what set me apart from others in the field and fill a unique but necessary role in social service agencies like mine.”

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis, M.A. Psychological Science 2010
Lecturer CSU, Chico Psychology Department

“One of the things I valued most of the psych science program is that it provided the chance to explore teaching. I also enjoyed the chance to continue working with my mentors and having a platform to explore research and topics beyond the undergraduate level.”

Jason Tate

Jason Tate, M.A. Psychological Science 2009
Program Manager: Northern Valley Catholic Social Service, Chico, CA

I manage Mental Health Peer Support services, including peer run wellness centers and a warm line. I am the director of the Diverse Minds initiative, which seeks to reduce stigma around Mental Illness by highlighting arts, creative expression, and relevant information about these psychological distinctions. 

The Psych Science program allowed me to gain a number of skills that have been relevant as a mental health professional, including the ability to sift through large amounts of information to determine best practices and guiding principles for whatever field of endeavor I find myself in. Being able to quantitatively describe programs and outcomes in a succinct and clear format has been a skill that has benefited me enormously in my career. For those who might be interested in the field of Psychology but are not primarily interested in clinical services, Psych Science does provide you with a skill set that can open doors and help you succeed. 

William Battinich

William Battinich, MA Psychological Science 2009
Dr. William Battinich, Experimental psychology, University of Arkansas
Adjunct Faculty, CSU Chico.

“I have fond memories of my time here both as an undergraduate and in the Master's psych science program.  Looking back, I would not have been prepared to meet the rigors of my PhD program having only a bachelors in psych.  In fact, more than half of the students accepted into my PhD program with only a bachelor’s degree dropped out.  The psych science programs biggest help to me was furthering my understanding of the "science" in terms of both the scientific method, and my ability to read and understand psychological literature. In these two areas I was significantly farther ahead compared to those who entered the PhD program with me.

The seminars really helped with me being a consumer of research as we had to read and discuss several articles every week.  It was during this time that I was finally able to comprehend the results section of a research article.  The other part was my involvement in Neil's research group.  My participation in that group allowed me to be involved in every step of the research process from conception, to design, materials production, data collection, data cleaning, analysis, and writing.  Having been exposed to each of these areas allowed me to develop a more comprehensive understanding of what it took to conduct research, and this served me well when I became the lead graduate student for the language lab at the University of Arkansas.”

Charlie Collins

Charlie Collins, M.A. Psychological Science 2008
Dr. Charlie Collins, Community Psychology, Michigan State University
Assistant professor of community psychology at the University of Washington Bothell

“The psychological science program was a wonderful mid-point for me to get more experience in psychological research and academic professionalism. I was not academically, intellectually, or emotionally ready for a Ph.D. program after my B.A. and the psych science program provided me with the mentoring and training to prepare me for entry into a Ph.D. program. In fact, upon completion of the psych science program, I was recruited from four different Ph.D. programs in psychology. “