College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

MA in Social Science



The mission of the Social Science Graduate Program is to deliver a high-quality graduate program that prepares capable and productive professionals who approach problems utilizing an interdisciplinary view derived from the behavioral and social sciences. This unique program provides the opportunity to develop individualized interdisciplinary programs of study around a theme that draws on the perspectives of different social science disciplines that are not available in discipline-specific programs.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Graduates who create unique and significant interconnections between existing social science disciplinary perspectives.
  2. Graduates who can apply appropriate analytical and research skills to the study of social scientific issues.
  3. Graduates who can think critically and communicate clearly to convey social scientific information and issues.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Write effectively in multiple contexts with sufficient clarity to convey their knowledge, attitudes, and skills. (Writing)
  2. Communicate effectively in speech to convey their knowledge, attitudes, and skills as both a speaker and listener. (Communication)
  3. Formulate hypotheses, construct research designs, and apply appropriate analytical skills to interdisciplinary studies within the social sciences. (Research)
  4. Identify social scientific theories related to their program theme and analyze issues in theoretical terms. (Social Science Theories)