University Budget Office

Position Management

All Chico State employees are assigned an 8-digit position number. This position number identifies the following information:

  • Job Code/Classification
  • Grade/Range
  • Working Title
  • Department
  • Funding
  • Reports To/Supervising Position

Most full-time employees are in a single headcount position while most part-time employees (lecturers, students, casual workers, etc.) are in multi-headcount positions, meaning more than one employee can be in the same position. 

Procedures & Guides

How do I know what positions are avalible to me?

  • Position information including funding chartfields can also be found by using the linked Position Fund Report. This report displays currently active positions and can by filtered by Division or College/Area.

How do I update the funding on a position?

Salary & Benefit/Tax Projection Resources

How do I project Benefit/Tax Costs?