University Budget Office

Position Management

All Chico State employees are assigned an 8-digit position number. This position number identifies the following information:

  • Job Code/Classification
  • Grade/Range
  • Working Title
  • Department
  • Funding
  • Reports To/Supervising Position

Most full-time employees are in a single headcount position while most part-time employees (lecturers, students, casual workers, etc.) are in multi-headcount positions, meaning more than one employee can be in the same position. 

Procedures & Guides

How do I know what positions are available to me?

  • Position information including funding chartfields can also be found by using the linked Position Funding Report. This report displays currently active positions and can be filtered by Division or College/Area. See this Position Funding Report Guide (PDF) to assist in navigating the document. 
  • If you need assistance navigating position information in HR, the PeopleSoft HR Position Data Guide (PDF) will help walk you through the navigation and key aspects of position data in the HR system.

How do I update the funding on a position?

Salary & Benefit/Tax Projection Resources

How do I project Benefit/Tax Costs?