University Budget Office


Budget Support Tool

Staff from Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and the University Budget Office (BUD) collaborated to develop an Excel-based Budget and Financial Projection Tool to assist campus departments in defining, tracking, maintaining, reconciling, and reporting their budgets.

The tool is customized for each department, along with personal training to help the department build and maintain a fiscal year budget projection that is based on real data pulled from Insight reporting.

Below you will find more information including a sample of the tool and user guides.  If you would like to have a tool created for your department, please contact us(opens in new window)

If you would like help running reports out of CFS, please reference the Budget Reports Presentation(opens in new window).

Budget Transfers

Departments can adjust their budgets or allocate budget to other departments using the Budget Transfer Template(opens in new window).

The Budget Process