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Bus Reservations

COVID-19 Bus Travel Safety Requirements

The Department of Bus Reservations is pleased to announce that we will be available to provide service for approved off campus events. The following procedures ensure compliance with the California Department of Public Health’s guidance for Institutes of Higher Education.

Campus bus capacities have been reduced to ensure social distancing per the CDPH guidance for Institutes of Higher Education bus travel.

  • For trips with one-way travel times of less than 15 minutes our buses will have the following maximum capacities:
    • Champion Bus # 2102: 13 Passengers
    • Champion Bus #2103: 13 Passengers
    • Freightliner Bus #2104: 12 Passengers
  • Seats will be clearly marked as unavailable to ensure compliance with the new maximum passenger capacities.
  • Drivers and Passengers will be required to wear face coverings prior to entering the bus and for the duration of transit.
  • Driver’s will follow strict procedures when instructing passengers on how they should safely board and exit the bus.
  • Bus drivers will provide enhanced cleaning prior to picking up each group and between passenger groups when time permits. When time is limited drivers will disinfect entryway handrails and main isle handrails. The driver will then provide each passenger with disinfectant wipes and instruct them to wipe their seat, seatback rail, seatbelt, seatbelt latch and lock.

Trips with longer travel times will be considered on a case by case basis but will result in increased social distancing requirements. Those requirements will likely result in maximum passenger capacities of 5 - 6 passengers per bus. Google maps will be used to determine if travel to and from selected locations can occur in under 15 minutes.