Bus Reservations

Rate Schedule

Bus Rates Effective July 1, 2021

  • Cost Per Mile $3.00
  • $25 Non-Refundable Booking Fee is:
    • applied to charter reservations
    • included in the trip cost when a trip is taken in a campus bus
    • charged when a trip is canceled (for both campus and chartered buses)
  • In addition trips canceled less than 24 business hours will be assessed the 3 hour minimum charge of $98.94 for State Funded Trips and a 3 hour minimum charge of $145.74 for Self-support and Auxiliary Funded Trip(s)
  • Short Trip Surcharge: $35
    • Fee is applied to any trip that is under 50 roundtrip miles
  • Hourly Bus Rate (Minimum of 3 Hours Required for Each Scheduled Trip):
    • State Funded: $32.98
    • Self-Support & Auxiliary Funded: $48.58
  • A 1/2 Hour Pre and 1/2 Hour Post Safety Trip Inspection is required by law.  A total charge of 1 hour will be applied to each trip (this hour can be applied to the minimum 3 hour requirement).

12 Passenger Van Rates

Bus Reservations has one van available for Campus Use
  • Minimum Daily Rate $120 per van up to 600 Miles Per Day.
  • An additional 0.50 cents per mile will be applied starting at the 601st mile.
  • Renters are responsible for fuel costs.
    • Payment options include:
      1. Use the Voyager Credit Card provided with the vehicle. Actual cost of the fuel will be charged back using the campus automated CAF system via Bus Hive.
      2. Use your own payment method and seek reimbursement through your department’s process.
  • The rear 4 seats can be removed upon request. Requests for removal must be received a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the pick-up date. The fee for removal and replacement is $50 ($25 for each move).
  • Failure to fill the van with fuel prior to return will result in a $50 fee in addition to the actual cost of fuel.
  • Vans must be returned clean and ready for the next user. Failure to clean the vans prior to return will result in an additional $50 fee.
    • Cleaning guidelines include:
      1. Removal of garbage and debris from the interior of the vehicle
  • $25 Non-Refundable Booking Fee is:
    • included in the trip cost when a trip is taken in a campus 12 Passenger Van.
    • charged when a trip is canceled more than 24 business hours in advance of the departure date.
  • In addition, trips canceled less than 24 business hours in advance, of the departure date, will be charged the full cost of the trip ($120 x the total number of days the vehicle was reserved).
  • Failure to return the van by the agreed upon date and time will result in the minimum daily rate being applied per day that the van is not returned. Failure to return the vans as agreed may result in the denial of future rental requests. Fees and firm return dates/times are in place in an effort to ensure we are able to provide dependable service to our campus community as a whole. We appreciate your efforts in helping us achieve that goal.
  • If a commercial driver is requested a 3 hour minimum charge will apply. Rates will be set annually for State and Auxiliaries per the campus approved “Personnel Billing Rate Schedule.” 21/22 rates are $32.98 per hour for State and $48.58 per hour for Auxiliaries.