Computer Animation and Game Development

Academic Advising

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Appointments for Spring will be made available during the first week of the Fall semester, as schedules can change.

The Major Advisors for the Computer Animation and Game Development Program are Professor Clarke Steinback, Ph.D and Jennifer Underwood, MA.

Academic advising is available to guide students through their academic careers, to ensure that requirements for the major are fulfilled, and opportunities for achievement are met. To be successful in the Computer Animation and Game Development Program (CAGD) we encourage you to meet with your program advisor, Professor Clarke Steinback Ph.D.

To move forward into a career in the computer animation and game development industries a successful academic experience with objectives and goals that are discussed and achieved is a crucial step. Advising is not required during the Fall semester but is encouraged in order to follow a plan to maintain these goals and objectives and to complete them in a cohesive manner.

To receive advising regarding General Education requirements please visit  Academic Advising.

What is mandatory advising?

Mandatory advising takes place each academic year in the Spring Semester. Advising must be accomplished prior to the Fall registration deadline or a hold will be placed on the student's account and registration will be impossible until the mandatory advising requirement has been met. 

How do I sign up for advising online?

Please visit the following link to make an appointment:  Appointment Scheduling

A reminder will be sent to your email 24 hours before your appointment is scheduled. If you wish to cancel your appointment there will be a link in your email to do so.  

How do I pick my classes?

Using the Degree Planner in your Student Portal is one of the best ways to start with selecting your courses, but if you would like to see a guide specific to your area of study in CAGD, take a look at one of the following: