Computer Animation and Game Development

The Origin of CAGD

In the beginning, there was darkness...and then came the rise of Computer Animation and Game Development!

In 1998, Clarke Steinback joined the College of ECC at CSU, Chico. Clarke began developing  a major focusing on computer graphics which evolved into what we know today as Computer Animation and Game Development (CAGD). Working with new faculty in art, a path was cleared for an animation degree.

From 1999-2003, Clarke continued to develop and evolve the degree with knowledge from a diverse group of individuals.  During this time, the Program supported “special majors”. The major made its first appearance in the catalog in 2003 as Applied Computer Graphics (APCG). Housed in the Computer Science Department, the program was heavily focused on creating graphics programming, making this a popular option for students. Later, APCG expanded  to create two different options for students to choose: the Technical option and the Production option.

As of 2005, the major branched out and became an independent program. During this year, APCG offered its first game course. Over the years, the program continued to evolve and tailor curriculum to meet the needs of students and the ever-changing industry. Fun fact about APCG, it was one of the first programs offered by a University to inlcude both Mobile Game Development courses and Real-World Studio Experience.

In 2015, APCG decided to rebrand and became Computer Animation and Game Development (CAGD). Along with this name change, the two options were also renamed to Animation Production and Game Development.

During 2017, CAGD partnered with the Journalism and Public Relations (JOUR) and Media Arts Design and Technology (MADT) Departments, to establish the Media, Entertainment, and Technology Experience (METX) as a collaboration of digital content creators working on outstanding projects for clients across the North State.

Today, CAGD continues to embrace emerging technology in curriculum and student projects such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Motion Capture, Lidar, Photogrammetry, and more! The program endeavors to deliver a curriculum that supports skill-based, collaborative, teamwork experiences introducing students to varied situations in which problem-solving and communication are core components. 

Welcome to #TeamCAGD! :)

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