Internship Requirements

Student development opportunities in the Computer Animation and Game Development Program often take the form of internships and are intended as training positions for educational and career reinforcement. They are structured, typically short-term, supervised placements with the intention of being focused around particular tasks or projects with clearly defined deadlines for completion. Work experience provides general understanding of a work-setting and is focused on additional preparation of the student for a career post-graduation.

Completion of an internship is not only a requirement for graduation for the Computer Animation and Game Development Program, for both the Animation Production and Game Development options, but also benefits students in a variety of areas including; supplementing learned skills, making a contribution to a team-working environment and gaining insight from professionals in a Computer Animation and Game Development related field as well as an invaluable proficiency in networking. Networking is a valuable skill used to create connections with fellow students as well as through internships to create pathways for gaining future employment in your field of study.

Below is a compiled list of possible student development opportunities related to the Computer Animation and Game Development Program. If you are a student at CSU, Chico with a major in Computer Animation and Game Development, consider the following list of possible opportunities:

Company Name


Fifth Sun

Local graphic design firm

Night Light Interactive Indie Game Studio
Dragon Graphics Local graphic design firm
CSU Media Internships

Source of a multitude of California media internships

*email CAGD for further details.

EA Electronic Arts

Game Development

Gazillion Entertainment

Game Development


Game Development

Blizzard Entertainment

Game Development


Entertainment: video game, visual effects, sound etc...

DreamWorks Animation






*This is a small sampling of computer animation and game development companies so feel free to search for more opportunities!

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