John Pozzi

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Instructor: John P. Pozzi, M.A.
Office: OCNL 234  
Phone: 898-6297

John is a lecturer in Computer Animation and Game Development with a background in drawing and painting (both digitally and traditionally), 2D and 3D animation, video editing, concept design, background design, and storyboarding. He offers students new and fresh perspectives to their projects while bringing with him a variety of experiences shared with industry members.
With a Master's degree in Studio Art and Computer Graphics Production, John comes from an integrated background of traditional and modern media. His emphasis is in multi-media application and integration as well as animation and graphical illustration. With an extensive background in various areas of the production pipeline he brings a wealth of diverse knowledge to the students.
John is an upbeat, energetic instructor that stresses on the importance of effectively communicating stories through visual media. He utilizes the classroom as a means of collaboration and peer reinforcement to offer students a network of feedback on their work. His passion and expressiveness create an ideal synergy in the classroom.

Throughout the semester we (CAGD Faculty) are here for you concerning any issues that you may have about courses and mixed-media information in general. I encourage you to stay in contact with us as often as possible, we are here to help you take your creativity and apply it as potently as possible whilst reinforcing your understanding of the process. We are here to have fun and to learn, to be nurturing as well as critical, to guide and to listen, and to support you as well as let you grow on your own. Be ready to work... but our work is to create... and creation is fun... so be ready to have fun.
     - John Pozzi

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