Computer Animation and Game Development Mission & Objectives

The Computer Animation and Game Development (CAGD) Program aspires to provide students with the tools they need to lead successful careers in the computer animation and game development industries. We strive to provide an academic experience that is collaborative, creative and utilizes applied learning in a lab-classroom environment. Please see our Mission Statement for more information.

Students in the program will gain an understanding of computer animation and game development industry-standard technology, principles, concepts, and how to apply these skills in the production process through projects comprised of multidisciplinary teams. Please see our Program Goals & Objectives for more information.

Throughout the Program, students will be challenged with critical and aesthetic issues, provided opportunities to critique student work, learn to communicate effectively, both written and orally, in collaborative teams, and maintain professionalism throughout their academic career. Please see our Student Learning Outcomes for more information.

Mission Statement

Program Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Outcomes

Curriculum Matrix

Annual Assessment Report