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Jennifer Underwood is a lecturer in the Computer Animation and Game Development Program, focusing on 3D modeling, 3D modeling with a concentration in game modeling workflow, game design, and pre-production story creation. Jennifer holds an Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Game Development and Interactive Environments and emphasizes the use of game technology in the creation of graphical, immersive learning environments. Along with teaching, Jennifer extends knowledge of the Program to students through major advising in which she stresses the importance of making the most of their academic opportunities and the creation of products through academic assignments and projects that will foster knowledge and skills in their chosen path within CAGD, and beyond.

Jennifer presently serves as an Academic Senator representing the College of ECC and currently acts as the Chair of the Faculty and Student Policies Committee. Outside of University commitments, she enjoys spending time with her family which includes two dogs and three cats, jogging in Bidwell Park, and the occasional quiet moment of reading and drawing.

Jennifer Underwood