The spectrum of jobs and needs in the computer animation and game development industries requires not a single focus from a single individual, but a varied set of skills and talent among a diverse set of collaborative project team members.

  • Artists knowledgeable in the principles of graphics, animation, and computer graphics tools are needed to assist in the creative process of a project. The production members of a team would edit and produce the final pieces with special effects.
  • Production team members are needed who are versed in a variety of software packages and who have modeling skills, paint skills for texture mapping, compositing knowledge, and knowledge of cameras, studio setup, and editing.
  • Computer graphics programmers and technical directors with programming skills and backgrounds in art and communications would find career opportunities in a large and diverse set of industries utilizing computer graphics and animation.

Our diverse student population enters careers in:

  • video game
  • animation
  • film
  • television
  • commercials
  • web
  • business

The opportunities and tasks within the computer graphics and animation industries require project team members with a varied set of skills and talent working in collaboration. The proposed degrees provide students with the background and skills needed to be productive members of such diverse teams.

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Major in Computer Animation and Game Development

Minor in Applied Computer Graphics

Minor in Video Game Design