Give to CAGD

Giving To CAGD helps the Program, its students, and the Industry as a whole!

With the strong push toward collaborative development between CAGD, Media Arts, Design, and Technology (MADT, formerly CDES), and Journalism and PR (JOUR), as well as opportunities arising between Departments within the College of ECC, we are seeing a strong surge in support of future endeavors and technologies, such as Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities, both for academic and commercial application.

These technologies have a price tag, and the Game and Animation Industries invest heavily in these technological frameworks. Even non-game and animation related industries are beginning to explore AR/VR in order to market their products, and our students are seeing the potential for applying the skills they are learning in multiple fields. In order to continue giving students the knowledge of current industry trends, as well as practical, hands-on experience, we need to reach out to those of you who have benefited from your APCG/CAGD education.

It's easy to do, and your contribution will benefit a variety of needs identified by CAGD faculty and students, such as renting a Lidar system, purchasing new computers for the labs, setting up a photogrammetry booth, improving our motion capture hardware, and renewing software licenses, to name a few.

Many of you know that the CAGD Program has had limited resources, and yet is still expanding. With the incredible growth the Program has seen over the past three years, it is only a matter of time before the demand for the valuable skill-set gained from this Program outstrips the ability to meet it.

Below is a link to the CSU, Chico Giving Page. It is already pre-populated to give directly to the CAGD Program. Please consider giving back to the Program in order to better prepare your future coworkers for the field.

Give to CAGD