Computer Animation and Game Development

Get Inspired!

In our upper division CAGD courses, you will have the opportunity to hone your creative skills by learning the process (pipeline) to making successful video games and animations through hands-on experience.

Several processes are integrated into one final visual experience in the form of video game and animation projects. These projects will build on and improve your knowledge of programs and tools used to create computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Chico State Game Studios(opens in new window) is our in-house game studio in which we gather all of our talents together and create a final video game project.

Feel free to also visit our collection of Student Work to see what our students have created in previous years in regards to video games, animations, 3D models, and photography.

Another opportunity that our students have to be creative and get inspired is by submitting their work into the Excellence in Computer Graphics Awards (ECGA). Each Spring, the Computer Graphics Club hosts the ECGA Ceremony to showcase the work that our faculty and staff have deemed some of the highest quality work within our major. Certificates are granted to those who place 2nd and 3rd place and an award is given to our 1st place recipient. For more information, visit the Excellence in Computer Graphics Awards page and/or attend one of the weekly Computer Graphics Club meetings.