Computer Animation and Game Development

Internship Help

Check Handshake for Internship Opportunities

Chico State offers many different ways to get information on possible internships, one of which is Chico State's Handshake Program! This program allow you to automatically get access to jobs and internship all around that you might have not known existed!


Once you click on the link above, you will be taken to a website that looks like this:

 Handshake Description Page from Chico State

After this, click on the blue text that says "Login using your University portal login credentials":

 Handshake Login Page

After that, you will be taken to the Log-In Page of Handshake! Just click the Login button you will be re-directed to Chico State Login.

After, you will be prompted to log in with your Chico State Username and Password:

portal login screen

After this you will be asked a bunch of different questions about:

  • Your Interests
  • Preferred Workspace
  • Major
  • Types of Jobs you want to look for

Then, once you are done with that, you will be re-directed to your personal internship page! Look at all those opportunities!

handshake homepage

Now it is up to you! Get out there, submit your resume, and go get those internships that are, literally, begging to be filled!

Other Helpful Resources

A list of other helpful resources when looking for jobs and internships.
 ArtStation(opens in new window)Helpful for building a visual portfolio. Easy to use, allows for networking with other artists, and also shows potential job opportunities. Professional-looking.
 DeviantArt(opens in new window)A little less professional, but still a great way to build a portfolio, network with other artists, and show your work.
 GitHub(opens in new window)A great resource for sharing your code with others, manage projects, and network with other developers.
 Wix(opens in new window)Easy to use tool to help build a professional looking website.
 Glassdoor(opens in new window)Get reviews of companies from people that worked there as well as look for jobs in the process.
 Grackle(opens in new window)A job site for those looking for jobs in the Game Industry.

CSU Entertainment Alliance

Wondering how to get credit for internships that you do over the summer? The CSU Entertainment Alliance(opens in new window) is here to help!

Not only do they have a bank of online learning resources(opens in new window) that you can take advantage of, but they also post internship listings, provide career resources, and walk you step-by-step about how to get credit for the internships that you do over the summer.

To learn about this Internship Course and the requirements, you can visit the Internship Course webpage(opens in new window) and/or talk to a CAGD advisor about what that might look like for you.

CSU Summer Arts

Another opportunity that you can either add to your resume or use as internship credit are the CSU Summer Arts courses!

Through Summer Arts, students get to embark on a journey in their artistic discipline in an intensive 3-week course at the Fresno State campus. There are a variety of courses to choose from including Visual Art and Design, Dance, Media, Music, Theatre, and Writing.

To learn more about Summer Arts, please visit the CSU Summer Arts Website(opens in new window) and to learn more about how this can apply to your academic standing, talk to a CAGD Advisor.