Computer Animation and Game Development

Sam Boydstun's Biography

Charles (Sam) Boydstun was recognized this year in the College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management for writing the outstanding biography you can read below:

"When I was a little kid, I would stand next to my Father while he played video games, endlessly asking questions about what was going on and when, if ever, could I get involved. These questions developed into a passion that was finally stoked within me when I visited Chico State for the first time. 

I spent years searching career after career path to finally settle down here, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Computer Animation & Game Development. My true interest being how we can better understand and connect to players and with this knowledge design games meant to evoke emotion, thought and intrigue. It has been my distinct honor and privilege, under my mentors’ tutelage and with the support of my peers, to become one of the longest tenured Producers and Lead Designers in our program’s history and the first double major incorporating Psychology with game design.  

I've had the pleasure of leading three senior level projects, one of which was entered in the international Independent Games Festival for Best Student Game and two winning awards at the Excellence in Computer Graphics Awards. Throughout my time at Chico State, I've worked to build on my passion and inspire others to recognize that video games are not merely games but have the potential to connect to players as interactable works of art that pass beyond the medium of just entertainment. 

Anything we can imagine can be created and explored and video games have the potential to truly change the experiences we can humanly feel. I'm excited to carry the torch of California State University, Chico into this growing career and fulfill my childhood dream of working full time on a team creating immersive experiences and touching the lives of players."

- Sam Boydstun

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