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WellCat Counseling Center Camp Fire Anniversary/Election Support

Announced on: Monday, Oct. 19, 2020

The WellCat Counseling Center is offering a number of different support services for students via Zoom. If you have a student who would be a good fit for any of these available workshops, simply have them call the WellCat Counseling Center at 530-898-6345 and ask to schedule an appointment for the event they are interested in.

Drop-In Meditation Group: Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious about what the future holds? Join the club, or in this case, attend this drop-in group! This group combines meditation and mindfulness techniques along with other useful tools to help calm the nervous system and enhance feelings of resilience and resourcefulness.

October 28th 2:00pm

October 29th 12:00pm

November 2nd 11:00am

November 3rd 12:00pm

November 4th 2:00pm

November 5th 3:00pm

November 9th 11:00am

November 10th 1:00pm

Drop-In Poetry Support Group-Healing Through Messages of Hope: For those in search of an alternative way for healing through writing and poetry. This support service offers a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which students are able to explore their written expressions and emotional responses related the daily stressors and global chaos affecting all of us. This space invites the poets, non-poets, writers, non-writers and listeners alike to participate in a collective healing process to promote hope and well-being. No students will be put in a position where they will be forced to share their literary work. If students would like to bring in writings or poems they have already written and would like to share they are welcome to do so.

November 5th 3:00-4:30pm

November 12th 3:00-4:30pm

Drop-In Support Group (Dreamers): A supportive place for DACA/Dreamer students to discuss stress related issues such as xenophobia/racism, deportation fears, finances/ employment, family issues and identity concerns.

Every Tuesday 1:30-2:30

Drop-In Healing Centered Yoga: Emotional dysregulation, discomfort within our bodies, and disconnected relationships, can be common occurrences in an era where we are surrounded by uncertainty, loss, trauma and social injustices. This drop-in support services provides a safe space of compassion and acceptance, while we engage in interoception or sensing into our internal body through breathing and slow gentle yoga movements. All attendees will be expected to have their video and audio function off; only facilitator will have mic and video on.

Every Tuesday 4:30-5:30