CalFresh Outreach Program

Options for Those Not Currently Subcontractors

Need help assisting your hungry students?

Develop your CalFresh Outreach program! CalFresh Outreach programs help students apply for CalFresh benefits. CalFresh dollars provide eligible students grocery shopping funds for healthy food.

CalFresh Outreach programs specifically help students with the application process. If interested, we can help you with the following:

Program Development

We help you customize a CalFresh Outreach program for your campus culture, locality, and demographics.

We assess current programs and resources to leverage and unify campus efforts like building a strong internship program or creating a drop-in assistance office.


We offer on-site and remote trainings for your whole team on the latest program eligibility and legislative information. We help break down this very complicated program in an approachable and doable way!

Technical Assistance

We assist you via phone, email, webinars, and/or in person. Topics may include:

  • eliminating stigma
  • confidentiality
  • eligibility troubleshooting
  • application tracking
  • communication with local county offices
  • work rule exemptions
  • outreach events on campus

If interested...

Contact CSU, Chico's Center for Health Communities CalFresh Outreach. Costs for services vary by campus. You may have funds through Student Affairs from the new Swipe Out Hunger Bill to cover these services.

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