CalFresh Outreach Program

CFO Subcontractor Newsletter Archive

August 2021 - CDSS CalFresh Stakeholder Meeting: Aug 12th, EBT Online Updates, Code for America Language Equity 

July 2021 - Market Match College Student Promotion Toolkit, Public Charge Rule, CalSAWS Migration, Confidentiality and Civil Rights Reminder

May 2021 - CalFresh Stakeholder Meeting, 2021 CFO Summit Save the Date, CalFresh Expansion to SSI Recipients Study, Upcoming CalSAWS Migration 

April 2021 - Public Charge Changes, Extension of Temporary 15% CalFresh Increase, CDSS CalFresh Awareness Month, CBO Portal Updates 

March 2021 - CFO Higher Ed Summit 2021:Food is Power, Temporary COVID-19 Prescreen, CFO Civil Rights and Confidentiality Trainings, Emergency Allotment, Temporary Student Eligibility Changes in Spanish

February 2021- COVID-19 Temporary 15% CalFresh Allotment Increase, Emergency Allotment, Temporary COVID-19 Waivers, Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC), FFY 2022-24 CFO Contract Update 

January 2021 - COVID-19 Relief Bill, Fiscal Reporting Updates, Additional CalFresh Updates, EBT Online Updates 

December 2020- COVID-19 CFO Strategies, EBT Online Expansion, CalFresh Emergency Allotments

November 2020 - CalFresh Outreach Handbook, Fiscal Reporting Due Date Reminder, P-EBT

October 2020- New CalFresh Cost of Living Adjustment (COLAs), All Counties Contact List, Program Reporting webinar

September 2020- Prescreen Share, Training Plans for Fall/Winter, Contract Document Submission, Waive ABAWD

August 2020- CFO Contract Development Webinar, Interview Waiver Extended, CFO Reporting Requirement, Fall Training Update 

July 2020 - Reporting Reminder, Referral URL, Change to Temporary Eligibility Waivers

May 2020- Digitizing CalFresh Outreach Webinar, COVID-19 Q&A Document, Reporting, CBO Survey 

April 2020 (Part 2) - Emergency Allotment/Pandemic CalFresh, Pandemic EBT, Partial Interview Waivers, Unique URL's, Outreach Strategies Document 

April 2020 - COVID-19 Clarifications from CDSS, ABAWD Rule on Hold, COVID-19 Updates & Outreach Services Webinar, Other COVID-19 Resources 

March 2020 - CFO Summit Thank You, CDSS Student Toolkit, CSU CalFresh Outreach Day 

February 2020 - ABAWD Rule Change, Proration approved for CHEBNA, Change in Requirements for Submitting Unpaid Intern or Volunteer Times as State Share, Alternative Time & Effort Forms 

January 2020 - Q1 Reporting Due Dates, CFO & CHEBNA Check-in Instructions

December 2019 - CalFresh Outreach Year 2 Kick-off Recording and slides, CalFresh Outreach Summit Registration

November 2019 - CA Higher Ed CalFresh Outreach Summit Registration, Fiscal Q4 Reporting, Replacement CalFresh Food Benefits Due to Power Outages

October 2019- CA Higher Ed CalFresh Outreach Summit, Program and Fiscal Q4 Reporting, Proposed Federal Bill to End Student Work Rule 

August 2019 - CDSS CalFresh Survey, Update, CFO Annual Training, Public Charge Rule

June 2019 - EBT Fraud Flyers, CalFresh Expansion, CalFresh Food Logo, Annual Face-to-Face Training

May 2019 - CalFresh Awareness Month Kick-Off, Leah's Pantry and Summer Planning Webinar, All County Letter (ACL) Student Eligibility Clarification, Revised Prescreen Template for CalFresh Expansion

April 2019 - CalFresh Awareness Month, CalFresh Expansion and Updating CFO Website Webinar, Sharing Contract Information

March 2019 - CFO Partner Summit Materials, USDA Report: Estimates of FY 2016 State SNAP Participation Rates, CalFresh Phone Applications

February 2019 - CFO Partner Summit, CHC Receives Unprecedented Food Security Contract, Civil Rights & Confidentiality Training Webinar, ENACT Day 2019

January 2019 - CFO Partner Summit, AB 2178, AB 1894, Government Shutdown and CalFresh Benefits, CalFresh Outreach Days

December 2018 - CalFresh Forum, Upcoming Webinars, Q1 Reporting

October 2018 - Cal Grant Recipients, Far North & CA Higher Ed CFO Resources, Upcoming Webinars

August 2018 - Phone/Text Scam Targeting EBT Cardholders, CalFresh ABAWD Time Limit Waiver Approved, Back to the Bay 2018, ACL NOs. 18-91 and 18-92, CalFresh Outreach Day for Fall Semester