Chico Affordable Learning Solutions

How Can The Bookstore Save You Money on Textbooks?


  • Prioritizes offering used copies of textbooks. The bookstore stresses early textbook adoption from instructors as they have a better chance of getting used copies during buyback and from wholesale and distributors.
  • Many titles are available to rent for a semester - and the books will be reused again. If a desired textbook is not in the rental program, by committing to using it in future semesters faculty may be able to add it to the local rental program. Students can still highlight or take notes in the books; students can also opt to purchase the book at the end of the semester by paying the difference.
  • Offers buyback on textbooks. They offer buyback year round on eligible titles which brings in used copies and provides students money.
  • Offers a payment plan. Students can get course materials now and pay later through their student portal.  This helps many students, including those waiting on financial aid distribution.
  • Offers price matching on textbook prices. If students can find the textbook sold directly from Amazon LLC or Barnes & Noble at a cheaper price, the Wildcat Store will put the difference on a gift card to be used on course materials or products in the store.
  • Offers e-book options on many titles. Many titles can be bought as an e-book, which is a cost-effective option.
  • Works with faculty to produce printed course packets.
  • Consults with faculty to identify the best option(s) for each course.
  • The textbook team prioritizes finding cost-effective resources for students. They can provide individualized information to faculty, including a list of textbooks used in the past (or those used elsewhere), sample textbook copies, student purchase patterns of past semesters, how to add books to the rental program, and more. Please contact a member of the textbook team by, calling 530-898-6966, or visiting the bookstore in person.

Textbook Submission

Submit your book order to the bookstore by the April 1st and October 1st textbook deadlines. On-time submissions allows the bookstore to buy back books from students at the end of the term. On-time submissions also allow the textbook team time to research the most cost-effective option(s) for your class.

Textbook requests can be submitted at online, by, calling 530-898-6966, or visiting the bookstore in person.

If you will not be ordering course materials through the bookstore for any one course, please let them know. Any course using OER or other free materials can then be listed as Zero Cost Course Materials (ZCCM).


Chico's Affordable Learning Solutions Program Awarded $15,000 in Grant Money in 2017

In May of 2017, the CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) program awarded Chico’s local Affordable Learning program (CALS) a grant for $15,000 for the continued support of Chico's Textbook Alternatives Project, or TAP. Read about the Textbook Alternatives Project (TAP).