Chico Affordable Learning Solutions

Fall 2019 Training

You are invited to participate in the Chico Affordable Learning
Solutions (CAL$) Fall Training series to help you find and/or create
high-quality, low-cost course materials to use in your classes.
Faculty who attend three different one-hour trainings and
implement a cost-savings strategy for students in their Spring 2020
course(s), will earn a CAL$ Training Certificate and $400 delivered in
Spring 2020.

Apply Here to the CAL$ Fall Workshop series by October 15

For the CAL$ Training Certificate, two trainings are required:

● Understanding and Finding Open Educational Resources (OER; 1 hour training)
● Understanding Copyright (1 hour training)

And one training selected from:

● Leganto: Using and Organizing Library Resources as Course Readings (1 hour training)
● Ensuring Accessibility (1 hour training)
● Writing your own OER Materials (Individual Mentoring with CAL$, TLP, or Library staff)

View the complete call for applications (Google Doc)

View the memorandom of understanding