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Faculty FAQ

On this page, you will find answers to faculty frequently asked questions about Immediate Access (IA).

For overall general information, visit the IA welcome page.

How It Works

How does the program work?

Student electronic course materials will be accessed from inside the Canvas course on day one of their class. Their university account will be charged for the course materials two weeks before the term starts. Students will receive a discounted rate for required course materials through this program. Discounts vary by volume and publisher. Students can opt-out of the program or opt back in before the university census date. Visit the university census webpage for the current semester census dates.

Who is participating in Immediate Access?

Faculty can choose to participate in Immediate Access (IA) for all or some of their courses. Participating in the Immediate Access program ensures that students will have all required course materials on or before the first day of class, for a percentage of the original cost. Talk with the Wildcat Store if you have more questions or email

How often are materials supplied?

Required materials are supplied at the beginning of each term. Faculty members will add the link to the materials in their Canvas course making them accessible on, or before, the first day of class. Students who add the course after the first day will have access to the materials once they log into the Canvas course. 

How do students get their required course materials?

Once faculty indicate they want to be part of the IA program, the Store will work with publishers to get the price and have materials ready before the term begins. Students will receive confirmation emails from with details about how to access the course materials in Canvas or request a hard copy.

How do students know if they are in an Immediate Access course?

Faculty can choose to save students money and make course materials acquisition easy by adopting IA course materials. When students check the course schedule to register for classes, each Immediate Access course contains the following note:

This is an Immediate Access course, providing instant availability of your materials on the first day, along with a discount that will be reflected in your semester charges. Information about the cost and how to access the materials will be emailed to you from two weeks prior to the start of the semester. You can visit this website for more information.

Students will also receive an email notification 30 days before the term.

How do faculty adopt content? 

Faculty adopt content through the Wildcat Store just like they typically do. Once the materials are made available from the publisher and Store, faculty will insert the appropriate links in Canvas depending on the publisher of the materials being used. If there is an issue, faculty can contact the Store directly at

Note: Faculty will use Follett Discover in the Canvas Global Navigation menu to enter all course materials. 

See the image below on how to access Follet Discover: 1) Click 'Account' 2) Click Follet Discover

Canvas landing page with clickable navigation options

How do faculty link IA materials in their Canvas course? 

Instructions will be provided soon.

Program Benefits and Costs

What are the benefits for faculty?

There are many benefits to faculty:

  • No restraint on academic freedom as instructors choose their content.
  • Knowing students have the correct book edition, faculty can begin teaching with content on day one. 
  • Students come to class prepared and can begin homework assignments on day one of class.
  • Ability to deliver digital course materials directly in Canvas.

What are the benefits for students?

There are many benefits to students, including:

  • There are discounted prices for course materials.
  • Charges are included as campus fees and billed prior to the term.  
  • Course materials are available digitally as soon as instructors link the materials in a course.
  • Some key features may include highlighting, flashcards, note-sharing, exams, and assignments.

How much does Immediate Access Cost? Will students save money?

Yes, students will save money! Prices can be discounted between 20% to 60% depending on the content chosen by the instructor and based on the publisher's pricing. However, Immediate Access prices are lower than the cost of purchasing directly from the publisher or the Store. 

How does the student pay for their materials?

The access charge will be billed directly to the student’s university account two weeks before the semester. Those with sufficient financial aid will have the cost taken from their award. All other students will pay for their fees through Financial Services with their tuition and/or other university fees.

Included Materials

What type of materials can faculty use? 

Digital materials available in Immediate Access programs can be eBooks or courseware materials. Students can purchase hard copies of materials, if available. 

How long do students have access to their digital materials?

Digital materials can be accessed for a minimum of 180 days (about 6 months) and may be available for longer periods based on the materials adopted and the publisher's terms. 

Are recommended course materials included in the Immediate Access program?

No, all “recommended” materials are not a part of the Immediate Access program. Instructors need to let students know how to access “recommended” materials. 

Will this affect textbook selection or academic freedom? 

No, faculty still retain full academic freedom. Faculty can choose publisher content or free or low-cost Open Educational Resources (OER) to use in their course and participate in Immediate Access.

How do faculty get a desk copy?

Most of our providers will supply digital desk copies within Canvas on the faculty member’s bookshelf. For those materials they don’t receive, the process remains unchanged, faculty can reach out to their publisher representative to request a desk copy.  


Is Immediate Access required or can students opt-out of the program?

While all students are automatically enrolled in the Immediate Access program, students may choose to opt-out and are then responsible for finding/purchasing their materials independently. 

How do students opt-out/do they need to opt-out each term?

Students in Immediate Access courses are charged the IA price but can opt-out during designated periods. Students will have the option to opt-out at the start of each term. Students who opt-out before the add/drop deadline will receive a full refund for the materials.

To opt-out:

  • Students will log in to the Opt-Out Portal and review the process and specific deadlines. Click this link(opens in new window) to access the Opt-Out Portal.
  • Students should check their school email for information on how to log in to the Opt-Out Portal and review the process as well as specific deadlines. The email will come from Follett, so they may need to check spam or junk folders.

For all other questions about opting-out, contact the Wildcat Store at 

What are the opt-out dates for this academic year? 

Students may opt-out of the program during the following opt-out periods:

  • Fall & Spring Term: Two weeks before the semester until the university census date of each semester. Visit the university census webpage for the current semester census dates.

What if a student opted-out by mistake or changed their mind?

If the opt-out period has not ended, students can opt back in. To opt back in, students need to log in to the opt-out portal by clicking this link(opens in new window).

Adding/Dropping/Incomplete Courses

What if a student adds or drops a course?

If you add or drop a course, that information is automatically sent to the Wildcat Store. 

  • Added courses: Within 24 hours of adding a course, you will receive an email at your email with details about how to access the course materials.
  • Dropped courses: If you drop a course before the university census date, access to electronic or digital materials will automatically be disabled. Printed materials must be returned to the Wildcat Store. If you drop a course before the university census date, you will receive a full refund for the materials. Visit the university census webpage for the current semester census dates.

What if a student gets an incomplete grade in a course and needs additional time to access course materials?

If the course includes printed materials, they are yours to keep. If the course includes digital materials, you will have access for a minimum of 180 days (six months) from when you purchased it. However, access may be longer depending on the materials. Please contact the Wildcat Store at for details. 

I have questions that were not answered in these FAQs. Where can I get more information?

Please review all information at the Immediate Access webpage. If you have other questions, please contact the Wildcat Store at