Chico Affordable Learning Solutions

How Can Students Save Money on Textbooks?


  • Purchase used textbooks.
  • Rent textbooks. If you rent from the Chico State Wildcat Store you can still highlight and take notes; if you decide to keep it at the end of the semester you can pay the difference then.
  • Purchase an e-book or looseleaf version of your book (if available).   
  • Actively shop textbook markets before classes begin. Chico State Wildcat Store has a price-match guarantee.
  • If you purchased a new or used version, you can often sell back your textbooks at the end if the semester. The combination can sometimes be cheaper than renting.
  • Check the library. There may be a copy of your book(s) listed on course reserve or to be checked out from the regular collection.
  • Encourage your instructor to consider OER options as alternatives.
  • Share with a classmate. Develop an agreed upon schedule to share each week. 
  • Trade books that you no longer need for ones you do.