Chico Affordable Learning Solutions

Summer 2019 Workshop

CSU, Chico's Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$) offered a Summer 2019 Workshop hosted by the Office of Faculty Development. This workshop taught faculty how to find and/or create high-quality zero-cost or low-cost textbooks or other course materials to use in their classes.

Here's a link to the schedule for the workshop (Google Doc).

Goals for faculty in the 2019 CAL$ Summer Workshop included:

  • Understand Chico State students and the need for zero- or low-cost materials (ZCCM and LCCM) to support learning (Day 1)
  • Identify Open Educational Resources (OER; Day 1)
  • Understand licensing of OER materials and fair use restrictions (Day 2)
    • Identify and avoid copyright pitfalls
    • Identify useable resources in Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute efforts
    • Highlight Public Domain and Creative Commons
  • Learn effective methods for reducing course costs by working with campus resources (including the bookstore and the library; Day 2)
  • Identify and improve the accessibility of your course materials (Day 3)
  • Learn tools to publish, customize, and curate your own resources (Day 3)
  • Identify one or more ways to reduce course material costs in your courses (Day 1-3)