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Susan Roll

In the end, Dr. Roll was not satisfied with the free and open content that was available on the web as replacements for the content that she already had in place for her course, and she therefore did not make any changes to her course. This goes to show that not all courses are suitable for ditching their textbooks. In the case of Dr. Roll's TAP course, in addition to the search attempts that she herself made, two Chico librarians worked with her and conducted content searches for her.  Still, no suitable free or open replacement content was found.  This might suggest that faculty who express interest in participating in textbook replacement projects, such as TAP, first do a quick determination that there are at least some suitable potential materials to use before applying.


Susan Roll  Initial Project Summary

Initial proposal idea for replacing current textbook or lowering textbook cost.
Shift a course that involved textbook to a course that primarily uses free online materials in place of the textbook.

Savings, if you can estimate, to students overall.
40 students, $163 textbook, equals a savings of $6520/semester.

How you are complying with copyright law if using copyright protected materials?
Checking resources with librarians for acceptable use of materials.

How you are addressing accessibility of course materials?
Ideally, all uploaded materials for students will be accessible.

susan roll