Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) Team

Mission Statement

The California State University Chico Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) Team is dedicated to promoting the safety and wellness of the Chico State campus community by addressing situations where students are displaying behaviors that are disruptive, threatening, or concerning in nature and potentially impede their own or other's ability to function successfully or safely.

Role on Campus

The purpose of the CARE Team is to function as a at-risk behavioral assessment and support system, focused on early intervention, as well as threat assessment.

The team tracks red flags over time, detecting patterns, trends, and disturbances in individual or group behavior. The team receives reports of disruptive, problematic or concerning behavior or misconduct (from co-workers, community members, friends, colleagues, etc), conducts an investigation, performs a threat assessment, and determines the best mechanisms for support, intervention, warning/notification and response. The team then deploys its resources and resources of the community and coordinates follow-up.

The CARE Team is not tasked with responding to emergencies. If this is an emergency and you are in need of immediate assistance contact University Police at 530-898-5555.

Make A Report - Bias Incident Reporting 

Please provide as much information as possible. Complete reports make it more likely that the CARE TEAM will be able to assist the person you are reporting about.

About the Bias Incident Report

The Bias Incident Report is intended to be used when a member of Chico Campus Community wishes to notify CARE Team regarding behavior which has had an adverse impact on them. Students wishing to file a formal Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, or Sexual Misconduct or Grievance should contact Student Judicial Division at 530-898-6897.