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Student FAQs

Have career fair questions? We have answers.

What is a career fair?

A room full of friendly recruiters from a variety of organizations (companies, government agencies, non-profits), wanting to hire Chico State students, soon-to-be grads and alumni for jobs, career positions and internships.

Who should attend this career fair?

You! Whether it’s securing a job interview, finding out where to apply, networking, exploring the job market, or simply gaining practice talking to employers, most students benefit greatly from career fairs. All majors and class levels are welcome.

Where can I see which organizations are attending?

You can find the list of attending organizations on our website. Click on the name of the fair to view the employer list.

How can I get help preparing for the career fair?

Attend a Career Fair Prep Seminar. These are casual events, where we answer all your questions about the day, like what to wear, what to bring, what to say and everything in between. No, you don’t need to stay the whole time, and yes, you can come late. View the seminar schedule here. You can also make a virtual appointment with an advisor.

What if I get "cold feet" on the day of the career fair and I'm too nervous to come?

Come and find our friendly advisors at the career fair…we’re everywhere and easy to find. We’ll help you. We promise!

Video - Preparing for a Career Fair