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      Part-time Jobs with Associated Students

      For more information: 530-898-4385 or visit Bell Memorial Union 218

      Part-time Jobs with Chico State Wildcat Store (Follett)

      • Apply online at
      • Click the "RETAIL" card, then "OPEN RETAIL POSITIONS"
      • Enter Chico, CA in the "Location" field

      For more information: 530-898-5222

      Part-time Jobs with Chico State Enterprises

      For more information: 530 898-6811 or visit Research Foundation Human Resources (25 Main St, Suite 203)

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    • Internships and Co-ops

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      What are Internships and Co-ops?

      An internship is a "real world" work experience in a field or industry related to your major or career goals which provides experience to enhance your professional portfolio.

      Types of internships:

          • part-time during the school year
          • full-time during summer or breaks
          • paid or unpaid for units
          • simply for valuable experience in a field of interest

      A Cooperative Educational experience (Co-op) is similar, but is a bit more specific and is geared to business, technical, or governmental careers.

      How will an Internship or Co-op help me?

      • You will be a stronger candidate for jobs and grad school
      • You will have a better understanding of your chosen career path  
      • Employers look for candidates with internship experience

      Read the NY Times article about how former interns landed a first job.(opens in new window)

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