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Writing Your Resume

A resume is a summary of your educational and professional experience. The resume and the letter of inquiry or cover letter complement each other. The resume is your work data; the letter that accompanies it is a sales pitch telling the prospective employer how and why your experiences will be useful.

The content and the order in which a resume is arranged depend on you and your experiences. Employers scan rapidly, therefore, you should put the most important, impressive, eye-catching information first, in an easy-to-read format.

Your resume should also be grammatically correct and perfectly spelled; do not rely on spell check!

You should limit your resume to one page unless you have significant experience. Avoid using resume templates because they are very difficult to change.

  • If you have a great deal of experience aiding, camp counseling, tutoring, etc., get it all on paper. No experience is too small if it shows your ability to work with children. Additionally, if you are a person who has had a previous career, you may also want to include it and show the transferable value of the experience; skills and talents from other careers can be assets, not something to hide.

Check out the Career Center Resumes page for more information.

Teaching Resume Examples

Remember these are only examples. There are many ways to create a resume. For more examples and help, see an advisor in the Career Center.

K-12 Bilingual Teaching Resume (PDF)

K-12 Multiple Subjects Resume (PDF)

Concurrent Resume (PDF)

Single Subject - English Resume (PDF)