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Multiple Subjects Cover Letter 1

Samantha K. Seeker

200 Rose Court ~ Roseville, CA 95747 ~ (916) 771-5555 ~

January 1, 2002

Leo Masson
Interim Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District
9707 Cook Riolo Road
Roseville, CA 95747

Dear Mr. Masson,

I am applying for a first through fifth grade teaching position for the 2002-2003 school year. I completed my Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential with CLAD in December 2001 and in December 2000 graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development.

Since 1994 I have worked in several teaching positions where I have enjoyed meeting and working with many varied personalities. I have had wonderful experiences teaching preschool, first, third, fourth, and fifth grades. One aspect of being a great teacher is having excellent organization skills, which include lesson planning, gathering materials, and ensuring that all types of assessment are completed in a timely manner. I feel these are all strong points of mine.

I believe strongly in parent participation and involvement in education. Interaction with parents is vital to development, and an aspect of teaching I immensely enjoy. I encourage parents to participate in at least one classroom activity throughout the year in order to create a connection between home and school environments.

My Associate of Arts in music allows me to bring rhythm, notation and harmony to my students. I use my piano playing and singing to facilitate an exploration of music in which all students can participate. Though this participation I give students the opportunity to enjoy making music as I have, and to reap the benefits of increased academic performance, oral and memory skills, and self-confidence.

I understand that Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District is looking for teachers to fill positions at Wood Creek West Elementary School. Please consider me for this position as well as any other teaching positions that become available in your district. As I live in the surrounding area that is so quickly growing, I care about the community and would like to be part of your excellent staff.

Thank you for your consideration.


Samantha K. Seeker