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Multiple Subjects Cover Letter 2

Marcia Brady

Current: Chico Creek Ct. Apt. A,* Chico, CA 95928. * (530) 898-1834
Permanent: 1754 N. Arthur Dr., * Hollywood, CA 92021. *

April 9, 2002

Maryann McNeill
Human Resource Manager
ABC School District
20 Marianna Street
La Costa, CA 90000

Dear Ms. McNeill:

I am excited to hear about the anticipated junior high positions that have been posted for your district. I am seeking full-time employment as a mathematics teacher for the 2002-2003 school year. The high standards of your district are well known and it would be a privilege to be able to contribute to your school as a member of your staff.

In May 2001, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Chico. I majored in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Mathematics. In the spring of 2002 I will complete my Multiple Subject Credential with supplemental authorizations in both Mathematics and English at California State University, Chico. During my four years at Chico State I was fortunate enough to receive a full athletic scholarship to play on the women's basketball team. Learning how to prioritize my time between academics and athletics was definitely a challenge, but it also taught me many valuable life-long lessons. Time management, organizational skills, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership are all characteristics that I am eager to use in the classroom as well as share with my students.

I am currently student teaching in a seventh grade Math/Science classroom at Palermo Middle School in Oroville, California. I am a determined, enthusiastic, and highly motivated teacher. I want students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally in an atmosphere that is stimulating and adaptive to their diverse needs. During my two student teaching placements, I have focused on instilling in my students a love of learning, as well as teaching them to be responsible and involved citizens of a democratic society.

As a result of my current position and my prior fourth-grade student teaching placement, I have become flexible in my teaching, while perfecting high organizational standards and skills. These skills have aided me in providing a strong curriculum for my students. Because I will be CLAD certified and I have taught at both elementary and middle school levels, I feel confident that I am prepared to teach any class, at any grade level, at any school.

I believe it takes more than a single individual to make a difference in the lives of a class of students. Therefore, I have learned the value of being a team player and the importance of communicating with colleagues, parents, and administrators so that I will be able to provide the best education possible for my students. I take great pride in being a teacher and a coach, and feel my strengths and talents are well utilized in this stimulating career. I am seeking full time employment and I would enjoy the opportunity to work at your school. I appreciate your consideration of my application.


Marcia Brady