Career Center & Student Employment

CV Tips

  • Organize your first page to highlight your strengths.
  • Headings should be bold and in capital letters.
  • Information placed at the top of the page stands out more than information in the middle or bottom of the page.
  • Left-hand side of the CV stands out more than right-hand side, so put the most pertinent information on the left.
  • Use one professional looking font (e.g. Times) and readable size (e.g. size 12), not smaller than size 10.
  • Grammatical or spellings errors can cause your CV to be discarded.
  • Print your CV on white, ivory, or cream paper; print only on one side.
  • Include your name and page number on each page.
  • Be consistent; use the same format throughout.
  • Invite a peer or colleague to critique your CV.