Career Center & Student Employment

Evaluating your CV

Is It Informative?

  • Is the information in the CV presented in a logical order?
  • Are all of the basic subheadings present - education, teaching experience, research experience, presentations/publications (service)?
  • Is "work in progress" included - current degree program, current teaching and research responsibilities, draft publications?
  • Does the CV contain only essential, relevant information for an academic position?
  • Is the information presented as concisely as possible?
  • Is the information elaborated on in sufficient detail?
  • If you were leading an interview based on this CV, what two questions might you ask?
  • What additional information might you like to have?

Is It Persuasive?

  • Does the CV emphasize the applicant's strengths?
  • Does the CV emphasize what is unique about this person's experience?
  • Does the CV demonstrate a central interest or ability? (Leadership, teaching experience, dedication, creativity, etc.)

Is It Attractive?

  • Does the CV look neat? (Appropriate spacing, clear headings)
  • Is the CV easy to read? Are your eyes drawn to important information?
  • Are the sections of the CV presented in a parallel format and style? (Active verbs; consistent use with typeface choices; parallelism within sections)
  • Are there any distracting grammatical, typographical, or spelling errors?