Salary Statistics

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Salary Survey Results

NACE Spring 2016 Salary Survey:  Average salary earnings, by major, for new college grads across the U.S.

Discipline (Bachelor's Degree Level)Current Average
Accounting $51,426
Biology $34,158
Business Administration / Management $49,494
Chemical Engineering $65,782
Civil Engineering $57,368
Computer Science $75,191
Economics $53,488
Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering $67,593
English Language & Literature/Letters $38,600
Finance $56,094
Information Science $56,818
Marketing $43,678
Mechanical Engineering $62,239
Psychology $34,801
Sociology $35,459
Teacher Education, Specific Subject Areas $36,526
Visual and Performing Arts $37,077

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Salary Tips for those Relocating

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Negotiating Your Salary

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