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The Faculty

Below is a listing of the Anthropology Department faculty as published in the 2003-2005 catalog. To view a listing of this department's current active faculty, click here.

Frank E. Bayham, 1985, Professor, PhD, Arizona State Univ.

Claire R. Farrer, 1985, Professor Emerita, PhD, U Texas.

Georgia Fox, 2001, Assistant, PhD, Texas A&M.

Carolyn Brown Heinz, 1997, Assistant, PhD, U of WA.

William Loker, 1996, Chair, Assoc Professor, PhD, U Colorado.

Antoinette Martinez, 1999, Assist Professor, PhD, UC Berkeley.

Turhon A. Murad, 1972, Professor, PhD, Indiana U.

Stacy B. Schaefer, 1999, Assoc Professor, PhD, UCLA.

Charles F. Urbanowicz, 1973, Professor, PhD, U Oregon.

Patrick S. Willey, 1989, Professor, PhD, U Tenn.