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The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree: 120 units

See “Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree” in The University Catalog for complete details on general degree requirements. A minimum of 40 units, including those required for the major, must be upper division.

The department has prepared a suggested Four Year Advising Plan to help students meet all graduation requirements within four years. Please request a plan from your major adviser or view it and other current advising information on the CSU, Chico Web.

Please see General Education, Cultural Diversity, American Institutions, and Literacy Requirements under the BA in Political Science.

Course Requirements for the Major: 55 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this degree.


7 courses required:

POLS    050    Intro to Criminal Justice    3.0    FS

POLS    057    Juvenile Justice Process    3.0    Inq

POLS    059A    Introduction to Criminal Law    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: POLS 050 or faculty permission.

POLS    152    Policing in America    3.0    FA

Prerequisites: POLS 050.

POLS    153    Corrections    3.0    SP

Prerequisites: POLS 050

POLS    259D    Senior Capstone Sem in Crim Jus    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

SOCI    282    Criminology    3.0    FA

Criminal Justice

3 courses selected from:

ANTH    111    Survey Forensic Science    3.0    FS

HCSV    170    Drugs in Our Society    3.0    FS *

POLS    059    Chico Police Serv/Lrn Practicum    3.0    SP

POLS    154    Community Corrections    3.0    Inq

POLS    226    Women and the Law    3.0    Inq

This course is the same as WMST 226 which may be substituted.

POLS    259A    Criminal Procedure    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: POLS 050.

POLS    259B    Policy Issues Criminal Justice    3.0    SP

Prerequisites: POLS 050.

POLS    260E    Police Admin and Management    3.0    Inq

POLS    265    Administration of Justice    3.0    FS

POLS    289E    Internship in Criminal Justice    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

SOCI    187    Sociology of Gangs    3.0    FA

SOCI    284    Youth, Crime, and Delinquency    3.0    SP

Prerequisites: SOCI 282 recommended.

Research Methods

3 courses required:

POLS    130    Computer Applications in Pol Sci    3.0    FS

POLS    131    Intro to Political Inquiry    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: ENGL 001 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher.

POLS    131X    Techniques in Political Sci Res    1.0    FS

Ethical Questions

1 course required:

PHIL    205    Criminal Justice Ethics    3.0    FS

Criminal Justice and the Individual

1 course selected from:

PSY    119    Psych of Prejudice/Hate/Violence    3.0    FS *Eth

PSY    141    Socio-Cultural Psy Development    3.0    FS *

This course is the same as PSY 041 which may be substituted.

PSY    225    Abnormal Psychology    3.0    FS

SOCI    184    Sociology of Deviant Behavior    3.0    FS *

Criminal Justice and American Society

1 course selected from:

PSY    245    Social Psychology    3.0    FS

SOCI    151    Sociology of Gender    3.0    FS

This course is the same as MCGS 151 which may be substituted.

SOCI    152    Ethnic and Race Relations    3.0    FS *Eth

This course is the same as MCGS 152 which may be substituted.

SOCI    280    Sociology of Law    3.0    SP

Prerequisites: SOCI 001.

Understanding Criminal Justice Bureaucracies

1 course required:

POLS    260A    Intro to Public Administration    3.0    FS

Theoretical Foundations of the American System

1 course selected from:

POLS    231    American Political Thought    3.0    FA

POLS    232    Recent Amer Political Thought    3.0    SP

POLS    236    Liberal/Conservative Traditions    3.0    FA

This course is the same as PHIL 236 which may be substituted.

POLS    237    Contemporary Political Thought    3.0    SP

This course is the same as PHIL 237 which may be substituted.

POLS    238    Jurisprudence/Philosophy of Law    3.0    FA

This course is the same as PHIL 238 which may be substituted.

Courts and the Criminal Justice System

1 course selected from:

POLS    251A    Found Amer Constitution Law    3.0    FA

POLS    251B    Civil Rights/Civil Liberties    3.0    FS

This course is the same as MCGS 251B which may be substituted.

POLS    253    Legal Process and Behavior    3.0    FA

POLS    264    Administrative Law    3.0    FA