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The Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate

Course Requirements for the Certificate: 27 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this certificate.

With proper planning (see the Pre-Law Adviser) a student can count almost all Alternative Dispute Resolution courses toward the Political Science major.

6 courses required:

MGMT    145    Negotiation Techn for Conflict    3.0    SP

SOSC    170    Methods of Conflict Resolution    3.0    FS

POLS    251B    Civil Rights/Civil Liberties    3.0    FS

This course is the same as MCGS 251B which may be substituted.

POLS    252    Altern Dispute Resolution    3.0    FA

POLS    254    Legal Research    3.0    FS

POLS    289L    Internship in Public Law    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: Faculty permission.

1-2 courses selected from:

PHIL    139    Roots of War: Phil Survey    3.0    FS *

PHIL    145    Comparative Peace Studies    3.0    FS *

POLS    141    International Relations    3.0    FS *

POLS    222    Politic Socialization/Behavior    3.0    SP

POLS    242    International Organizations    3.0    FA

POLS    243    International Law    3.0    FS

1-2 courses selected from:

POLS    238    Jurisprudence/Philosophy of Law    3.0    FA

This course is the same as PHIL 238 which may be substituted.

POLS    260D    Collective Bargaining    3.0    JA

Prerequisites: Faculty permission.

POLS    262    Organizational Theory    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: POLS 260A or concurrent enrollment.

POLS    264    Administrative Law    3.0    FA

POLS    293    Community Research    3.0-15.0    FS

Prerequisites: Approval of the Department of Political Science.

BLAW    213    Employment Law    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: At least junior standing.

BLAW    214    Labor Law/Collective Bargaining    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: At least junior standing or faculty permission.

Other appropriate courses may be selected with the prior permission of the Legal Studies Coordinator.

Grading Requirement:

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate is not granted automatically. Students must apply to the Political Science Department early in their final semester. A 2.5 grade point average in all courses for the certificate is required.