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The Faculty

Below is a listing of the Political Science Department faculty as published in the 2003-2005 catalog. To view a listing of this department's current active faculty, click here.

Sharon A Barrios, 1999, Coordinator of Public Administ, Assist Professor, PhD, Princeton.

Edward J. Bronson, 1969, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U Colorado.

Dane A. Cameron, 1981, Assist Professor, JD, Goldn Gate.

Royce D. Delmatier, 1966, Professor Emeritus, PhD, UC Berkeley.

Teodora C. Delorenzo, 1982, Intern Coordinator, Professor, JD, New Col CA.

Diana Dwyre, 1997, Assoc Professor, PhD, Syracuse U.

Jon S. Ebeling, 1971, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U Pitt.

James E. Gregg, 1959, Professor Emeritus, PhD, UCSB.

George Charles Grosscup III, 1988, Professor, PhD, U Mass.

Byron Jackson, 1974, Chair, Administrator, PhD, UC Berkeley.

Robert M. Jackson, 1970, Dean/Vice Provost for Research, Administrator, PhD, U Oregon.

James E. Jacob, 1995, Coordinator of International R, Professor, PhD, Cornell U.

Donna R. Kemp, 1985, Graduate Coordinator, Professor, PhD, U Idaho.

Earl R. Kruschke, 1965, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U WI.

Stephen R. Newlin, 1966, Professor Emeritus, PhD, Claremont.

Charles R. Ostrom, 1967, Professor, PhD, Claremont.

Paul T. Persons, 1979, Coordinator/Pre-Law Adviser, Professor, JD, New Col CA.

Charles M. Price, 1965, Professor Emeritus, PhD, USC.

Robert S. Ross, 1968, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U Colorado.

Irving Schiffman, 1970, Professor Emeritus, PhD, UC Davis.

Diane E. Schmidt, 1998, Assist Professor, PhD, Washington Univ.

Michele J. Shover, 1968, Professor Emerita, PhD, Tulane U.

Robert H. Stanley, 1989, Professor, PhD, U Virginia.

William S. Stewart, 1975, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U NC.

Stafford T. Thomas, 1984, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U Colorado.

Charles C. Turner, 2000, Graduate Coordinator, Assist Professor, PhD, Claremont.

Lori Beth Way, 2000, Coordinator of Criminal Justic, Assist Professor, ABD, Syracuse U.

Lori M Weber, 1999, Coordinator of Political Scien, Assist Professor, PhD, U Colorado.

George V. Wright Jr., 1969, Professor Emeritus, PhD, U Leeds.