The College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Our Mission

Faculty and students explore the arts, ideas, languages, literatures and history of civilization to understand ourselves and others. We use the methods of our disciplines to:

  • promote open and honest inquiry into human nature and institutions;
  • foster a life-long ability and desire to think critically and creatively about the issues which face citizens of a modern democracy;
  • acquire the broad knowledge of history and culture that provides context and perspective for critical thinking;
  • understand and appreciate the means of artistic and rhetorical expression that allow articulate and meaningful communication between people.

Our academic mission focuses on undergrads and the extra-curricular opportunities that enrich degree programs. We offer programs for continued research and study in art, English, history, and music, leading to the master's degree. Studio Art offers the MFA, a terminal degree. In addition, we offer direct links to careers: editing and publishing, interior design, music industry and recording arts, musical theatre, and public history.

Classrooms in the college tend to be lively with rigorous exchanges between faculty and students as they deal with the traditions and the possibilities of the present and future. Our graduates can be found in every sector of the economy as our degrees prepare students for lives of change and challenge.

We are home to the School of the Arts, the performing and visual arts center of the University. Galleries, studios, concert halls, and theatres feature faculty and students, and our audiences include appreciative community members and students who attend events as a part of their studies.

We publish Kaleidoscope, the annual arts magazine; The Historian, essays from History students; Watershed, published by English department students; and a yearly book from Flume Press, a national press housed on campus.

This college sponsors the London Semester; the Janet Turner Print Museum; and the Humanities Center.