The School of Graduate, International, and Interdisciplinary Studies

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Graduate, International, and Interdisciplinary Studies is to enrich the University community by providing enhanced opportunities for graduate education, international studies, and multicultural experiences. Graduate, international, and interdisciplinary studies are a vital part of the University. They add depth and diversity to the Chico State curriculum and community. They promote linkages between different disciplines, foster multicultural competence, and facilitate the development of a global perspective.

The school carries out its mission through the implementation of the following goals:

  1. The recruitment, admission, and enrollment of qualified graduate and international students.
  2. The retention of students by providing competent, professional advising and academic support services, as well as academic enrichment opportunities.
  3. The offering of high quality inter-disciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs, and the facilitation of development of new graduate and certificate programs attuned to societal needs and campus capabilities.
  4. Internationalization of the University by promoting and facilitating student participation in a variety of study abroad programs around the world, and providing faculty opportunities to study and teach abroad.