The Certificate in Teaching College-Level Writing

The Department of English offers a post-baccalaureate certificate program in Teaching College-Level Writing.


1. An acceptable BA or BS from an accredited institution.

2. Admission to the Graduate School

3. ENGL 335 or an equivalent course (this deficiency may be made up during the first semester of certificate work).

Course Requirements for the Certificate: 22-23 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this certificate.

4 courses required:

ENGL 431 Theory and Practice in Tutoring Composition 4.0 FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 333 and ENGL 335 are strongly recommended.
ENGL 478 Linguistic Approaches to Reading 3.0 SP
Prerequisites: ENGL 371.
ENGL 632 Theories of Literacy 3.0 SP
ENGL 634 Teaching Composition 3.0 SP

1 course selected from:

ENGL 622 Form and Practice 3.0 SP
Prerequisites: At least one 400-level creative writing course or instructor permission.
ENGL 631 Literacy as Distributed Cognition 3.0 FS

1 course selected from:

EDSL 610 Foreign/Second Language Teaching: Methods 3.0 FA
ENGL 630 Writing in the Profession 3.0 FA
ENGL 671 Advanced Theories of Second Language Acquisition 3.0 Inq
Prerequisites: ENGL 470.
ENGL 689T Internship in Teaching College English 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 431 or ENGL 470 for ESL; faculty permission.

1 course selected from:

ENGL 415 Editing Literary Magazines 4.0 FA
Prerequisites: ENGL 220 (may be taken concurrently), ENGL 315, or faculty permission.
ENGL 420 Advanced Poetry Writing 4.0 FA
Prerequisites: ENGL 130 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher; ENGL 320 or instructor permission.
ENGL 421 Advanced Fiction Writing 4.0 FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 321.
ENGL 422 Advanced Play Writing 4.0 Inq
Prerequisites: ENGL 322 or instructor permission.
ENGL 470 Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 371.
ENGL 534 Literature, Language, and Composition: A Synthesis 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 335, ENGL 375, and ENGL 441.

Additional Requirement:

A maximum of 6 units of transfer credit may be allowed in the certificate program. A grade-point average of 3.0 must be earned for courses required for the certificate program. At least a C must be earned in each course in the certificate program before the certificate is awarded.

Students accepted into the MA program in English or in Teaching International Languages may also complete the certificate if they so desire. In this case, courses counted toward the MA may also be counted toward the certificate.

Teachers who have completed ENGL 530 (Northern California Writing Project, invitational) may substitute these 6 units for ENGL 431 and ENGL 634 in the core and one additional required course.