The Certificate in Hydrogeology

This certificate provides Geology majors with the information and skills necessary to become certified hydrogeologists in the State of California. Before beginning the certificate, students must have completed the following courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5: CHEM 111, CHEM 112, GEOS 102, GEOS 306, PHYS 202A or PHYS 204A, PHYS 202B or PHYS 204C, MATH 120.

Course Requirements for the Certificate: 24 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this certificate.

Lower-Division Requirements: 1 units

1 course required:

GEOS 250 Computer Applications in Geosciences 1.0 FS
Prerequisites: MATH 109 or MATH 120 (may be taken concurrently) or faculty permission.

Upper-Division Requirements: 23 units

8 courses required:

GEOS 380 Hydrology 3.0 FA
Prerequisites: PHYS 202A or PHYS 204A (may be taken concurrently).
GEOS 382 Hydrologic Field Methods I 1.0 FA
Prerequisites: GEOS 380 (may be taken concurrently) or faculty permission.
GEOS 383 Hydrologic Field Methods II 1.0 SP
Prerequisites: GEOS 380 (may be taken concurrently), GEOS 450 or faculty permission.
GEOS 390 Surficial Processes 3.0 F1
Prerequisites: MATH 120; either PHYS 202A or PHYS 204A.
GEOS 415 Hydrogeology 3.0 S2
Prerequisites: CHEM 111, GEOS 306, GEOS 380, MATH 120; PHYS 202A or PHYS 204A. Recommended: GEOS 307.
GEOS 460 Water Resources Management 3.0 SP
Prerequisites: Upper-division standing; GEOS 330 or GEOS 380.
GEOS 530 Environmental Systems Modeling I 3.0 F2
Prerequisites: CHEM 112; GEOS 330 or faculty permission; MATH 120; either PHYS 202B or PHYS 204C.
GEOS 545 Applied Geophysics 3.0 S2
Prerequisites: One year of physics, GEOS 102, or faculty permission.

1 course selected from:

GEOS 516 Natural Water Systems 3.0 F2
Prerequisites: CHEM 111, GEOS 315.
GEOS 565 Geochemistry 3.0 FA
Prerequisites: CHEM 111, GEOS 102. Recommended: GEOS 306.