If you would like to travel or work with people from other countries, consider the Area Studies Programs. People preparing for careers in international business, industry and non-profit organizations, government agencies (e.g., State Department), journalism, community services, museums, the music industry, social work, or teaching will find Area Studies useful. These make ideal minors or second majors.

Area Studies are interdisciplinary programs designed to promote understanding of history, culture, and contemporary social, political, and economic issues. You can choose to emphasize those aspects of a region or culture that most interest you-literature, art, history, religion, politics, or social issues. Area Studies give you the opportunity of studying with experts across the campus.

African Studies offers a minor in the second largest and most diverse region of the world. Optional study abroad programs in Ghana and South Africa provide students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with African development.

Asian Studies offers a major and a minor that focus on South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Students may pursue special interests in one area, while taking core courses that ensure breadth of knowledge. CSU, Chico offers several study abroad programs that may be taken for Asian Studies credit.

Latin American Studies offers a major and minor that emphasize Mexico and Central America. Students may participate in cultural immersion programs in Mexico as part of the minor or major, as well as their upper division general education theme. Students may take courses in LAST while studying abroad in Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, or Brazil.

The European Studies minor provides students majoring in a social science, humanities, or a professional degree program with an interdisciplinary perspective on European history, politics, economics, and culture.

Middle Eastern Studies focuses on a region that is the cradle of several of the world's major religions-Islam, Christianity, and Judaism-and has played a pivotal role in human culture and history. The region also has strategic importance for understanding US foreign policy and contemporary world events.

Study and Internship Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad exposes you to experiences and perspectives that you won't get in the US and can strengthen your resumè, especially as globalization makes international experience more attractive to employers. Students who choose to study abroad often report that their experience overseas was the highlight of their University career.

Latin American Studies offers a cultural immersion program in Merida, Mexico. This program is an optional part of upper division general education Theme I and the minor and major in Latin American Studies. The MA in Teaching International Languages offers overseas internship opportunities for those interested in teaching.

The CSU system has an International Program with a number of study abroad centers. CSU, Chico also belongs to the University Study Abroad Consortium, which offers programs around the world. Students who qualify for financial aid may apply it to study abroad programs. For information, see the Study Abroad advisor in room 406 of the Student Services Center or consult with the relevant area study program coordinator.

Graduate Program

The MA in Teaching International Languages is a 36-unit interdisciplinary program that focuses on the study of languages and cultures as an integral part of a world class education in a global society. Designed to develop knowledgeable, reflective, inquiry-oriented professionals, the program offers language studies patterns in teaching foreign languages and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Course work addresses linguistic, literary, cultural, and educational theory and research, and its practical applications in the effective teaching and learning of international languages.

The Self-Instructional Language Program

SILP offers basic language instruction in the languages listed above. Students learn through text, CDs, and weekly tutorials with a native speaker. Please inquire at the Office of the Department of Foreign Languages.