Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies


The Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies has managed projects totaling over $16 million of external funding since 1985. The Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies, with receipt of the five-year United States Department of Education Grant in 2017, has successfully received external funding for 40 consecutive years (1982-2022). The Center received its first Title VII Educational Personnel Grant from the United States Department of Education in 1982.

CBMS Programs:

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Professional development program for teachers
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Contracts and Grants
Collaborative Professional Development
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Externally Funded Programs Timeline:

2017 to 2022

The Community and Instruction for Expanding English Learners’ Opportunities (CIELO) Project is funded by the United States Department of Education National Professional Development Program. The grant increases the pool of highly effective bilingual educators and forms a partnership with the Orland Unified School District to address professional development for CSU, Chico bilingual pre-service teachers and Orland Unified School District teachers ($2,592,133)

2016 to 2020

Northeastern California Preparation and retention for Indian Educators Grant (PRIE II) funded by the Office of Indian Education within the United States Department of Education. The grant provided a model for increasing the number of highly qualified American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) teachers in rural regions of Northeastern California. ($1,103,000 approximate)

2010 to Present

Konkuk University Winter Exchange: Worked with 385 students from Konkuk University in the Republic of Korea for twelve separate intensive institutes (two in 2010, and one each year from 2011 through 2020). ($912,540 approximate)

1988 to 2016

Worked with 975 English teachers of the Chungcheongbuk Provincial Office of Education in the development of instructional strategies to develop the listening and speaking skills of their students for the twenty-eight institutes held from 1988 through 2016. ($2,600,000 approximate)

2012 to 2018

Collaborative Professional Development Grant funded by the Office of English Language Acquisition within the United States Department of Education. The $1,948,513 grant provided a collaborative professional development model for the bilingual secondary and elementary pre-service teachers and local in-service teachers to better serve Emergent Bilingual students (EBs) in their respective classrooms.

2001 to 2006

United States Department of Education Teaching Links Grant. The intent of the grant is to help two cohorts - paraprofessionals and recent high school graduates become certified bilingual teachers. ($1,081,000 approximate)

2000 to 2005

Open Door Grant. This grant provided assistance for candidates during their Professional Preparation Program year. ($1,050,000 approximate)

1987 to 1993

Two separate Career Ladder Projects, each for a three-year duration, funded by the United States Department of Education designed to assist paraprofessionals in Colusa County to become bilingual teachers. ($1,050,000 approximate).

1987 to 1990

Bilingual Special Educator Personnel Training Grant funded by the United States Department of Education. ($600,000 approximate)

1985 to 1997

Four separate Title VII Personnel Training Grants to prepare bilingual teachers funded by the United States Department of Education. ($3,000,000 approximate)

1985 to 1988

California Department of Education stipend support program for Bilingual Student Teachers. ($200,000 approximate)