Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Become a Part of the CCLC


What is it?

A CCLC Internship is a one-semester commitment that gives you an opportunity to get involved in the behind the scenes of CCLC programs, serve on panels, facilitate workshop discussions, support marketing & outreach, and explore your own cultural leadership while implementing a personal passion project related to the mission of the CCLC

Support. Community. Family. Personal Growth. Transformational Experience. Culturally Relevant Leadership Skills.

Who Is It For?

Ideally, this opportunity is done concurrently while fulfilling a major-related required internship, however, anyone is welcome to apply including graduate students! No experience is required, but those who are willing to jump in and grow through the process are encouraged to apply!

What Will I Do?

Interns will meet Wednesday 1 PM-3 PM for weekly meetings as well as coordinate weekly marketing and promotion opportunities, attend and help run CCLC programs and gain access to support and resources to initiate your own personal passion project.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying to the program, please complete the application on Wildcat Sync.

Join the Family!

Why be a part of the CCLC Staff?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join a unique work environment where you get to build relationships and community while gaining leadership skills for life?! We are looking for students who are willing to be Courageously Extraordinary!

The CCLC is more than just a space where people come to hang out or a place for students to work to put on programs. It is a place of POSSIBILITIES.

We aim to empower diverse communities with support, knowledge, and opportunity to reach their collective and individual goals. We invite others to imagine the possibilities of what impact they want to make and encourage all those around us to work together to create positive change in our world. The CCLC is here to help you develop your leadership skills and give you the opportunity to think of the impossible and make them possible.

Apply via Handshake(opens in new window) to the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center and become a part of the change on this campus. The search for our 2021-2022 CCLC family will begin in March 2021 and we hope you want to join the team! 

Positions Within the CCLC

  • Graduate Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Inclusion Coordinators
  • Paraprofessionals