Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Health & Wellness


The folks at the WREC have been working to bring you more resources to help facilitate self-care and foster your growth in the process. Lots of awesome new events are happening this semester including yoga, therapy dog meet & greets, and even nap time! That's right folks, we're bringing back nap time! *Yay clappy hands* Now don’t write nap time off just yet… this isn’t the nap time you might be used to! Check out the program descriptions below for more info! Keep Calm and Nap. Or Yoga. Or Cuddle. Or get a massage...just come to the WREC- we've got it all!

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people nappingRefresh your mind and body with a nap. Each class will begin with guided breath and relaxation to prepare participants for a twenty-minute rest, followed by a gentle return to the rest of the day. Participants may use mats, blankets and bolsters to get in a comfortable position. Single use eye masks provided. 

The Power of Stillness


yogaIncorporates mind/body concentration with low-impact strengthening. Decrease stress levels using relaxation and breathing techniques, while performing a variety of poses to increase strength, flexibility and balance. All levels welcome. 

Restorative Yoga

Blends moving meditation and supported postures for a gentle, relaxing practice. 

restorative yoga