Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Student Leader Diversity Training

This workshop is designed to better prepare student leaders to be culturally aware and active advocates for promoting diversity and inclusion within their leadership role. Participants will be able to: 

  1. Gain an in depth understanding of inclusive language, diversity-related terminology and common every day microaggressions.
  2. Describe the hierarchical structure of power and privilege dynamics and the personal impact on student experiences on campus.
  3. Articulate leadership practices to effectively advocate for diversity & inclusion when you do not directly identify with a specific population and/or identity group.

Whether you advise student leaders or are a student leader, you can sign yourself or a group up to participate in this once a semester opportunity. This workshop is a experiential based learning experience and participants are expected to come open and willing to fully connect, participate and learn. Together we can lead our campus to promoting a more diverse and inclusive space for everyone. 

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For more information: 530-898-4101 | 

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