Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

CCLC Programs

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center offers a variety of programs that enhance leadership development, cultural awareness, community education, and the creation of constructive social change.

Since opening our doors, 15 years ago, the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center has been able to provide an environment for students to explore the concepts of diversity in all its forms. We're looking forward to a great 2022-2023 school year with wonderful programs, celebrating the old and looking forward to the new. Take a look at our program lineup for this year, below.

 Fall Programs

  • Community Connections
    • Cross-Cultural Leadership Center Community Connections series is a great opportunity for students to hang out in a family-style setting and get to know other faculty, staff, and students who share in their cultural or intersectional identity groups.
  • Exposed: Unpacking the Controversy
    • Exposed: Unpacking the Controversy, is a workshop series that unpacks the difficult conversations, creating a safe space to discuss issues we face in today’s society. In order to grow, we must face issues head-on. Exposed provides us that space.  
  • CCLC Diverse Book Drive Grand Opening
    • The CCLC is curating a library of inclusive books for CCLC students. We are accepting donations of gently used or new books. We have created an Amazon wish list with titles we need. Donations can be dropped at the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center in MLIB 172.    
  • CCLC Explores: Shades of Nature
    • Students looking to explore the outdoors in and around Chico State while making cultural connections are invited to join the CCLC on Shades of Nature. Lunch and transportation are provided to three beautiful spots around Butte County in both the fall and spring semesters. Students can reserve their space by coming to the CCLC in MLIB 172. Spaces are limited, however, so students are encouraged to register early. 
  • Wildcat Vibe
    • Wildcat Vibe is designed to showcase culture through music. With the eclectic mix of music genres ranging from J-Pop, K-pop, and Bollywood to Latin Salsa, Hip Hop, and Jamaican. The goal of this night is to bring students into a safe and fun environment to dance the night away.
  • Intentional Interactions (Year-round activities)
    • Weekly activities created to provide opportunities for positive and intentional student interactions, with the main goal of building relationships. Please check out our calendar for upcoming Intentional Interactions.
  • CCLC Voices Journal
    • The inaugural CCLC Voices journal seeks to showcase the myriad gifts of the BIPOC & LGBTQ students who bring vitality and life to the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center and Chico State's campus community. Our journal seeks to showcase and amplify the best in student art, photography, and of course, writing. We hope that CCLC Voices will capture the ethos of the time in which it is produced. Submissions are encouraged and welcomed. One electronic issue will be published at the end of the 2020 fall semester, with hopes of producing physical copies at a later time. Work and questions may be submitted to Go ahead and click the picture to see the wonderful submissions! A record of our lives. CCLC Voices
  • Diversity Summit (opens in new window)  
    •  The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center's Diversity Summit is a transformational experience for everyone who participates. If you are interested in connecting with a diverse group of individuals in a meaningful way while having a space to reflect, learn and talk about critical issues around diversity then you will NOT want to miss out on this opportunity. The Diversity Summit is a three-day retreat at Shady Creek in Nevada City, CA. Transportation, lodging, and meals are included in this experience.
  • Pipeline Through College (Year-Round Program)
    •  Pipeline Through College is a program designed to empower high school juniors and seniors, who come from a title 1 school and disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue higher education.
  • Posada Navideña
    • The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, The HUB, and Nu Alpha Kappa Inc.  collaborate to bring you the experience of   Posada  Navideña! You will have the opportunity to l earn about the origins of the Posada  Navideña  and enjoy a night full of music, food, community, and culture.  Posada Navidena
  • Student Leader Diversity Training
    •   This workshop is designed to better prepare student leaders to be culturally aware and active advocates for promoting diversity and inclusion within their leadership roles.
  • The Color of the Cross
    • There is often a challenge in bridging the gap between faith, race, and sexuality. Students are often made to feel unwelcomed in spaces of faith, challenged to choose between their race, faith, and sexuality, and have shared that talking about sexuality as a person of color is not always safe. The Color of the Cross is designed to bridge the gap by engaging in conversation about how we can bridge the gap between these 3 aspects of identity.
  • The Resilience Series
    • We're all facing challenges right now, come and share some of your thoughts and feelings about school, life, and family during this pandemic defined time. You'll find support, laughter, and familiarity during this free form talk.

Spring Programs

  • Community Specific Retreat (opens in new window)
    • This is a two-day off-campus retreat that takes place at Shady Creek in Nevada City, CA. This is an opportunity to connect culturally, build a network of support, and to imagine the possibilities together. Transportation, lodging, and meals are included in this experience. A record of our lives. CCLC Voices
  • F.L.A.M.E. (opens in new window)
    • F.L.A.M.E is a girls/womxn empowerment group designed to build a safe and inclusive environment to foster confidence, connection, and community. FLAME is a 7-week long pilot program geared towards seniors and graduate students. FLAME's target audience is under-represented women who are looking for guidance, growth, and graduation plans to help build their personal pathway to success beyond college.
  • Inscribe (opens in new window)
    • Join us on a journey of self-discovery through reflection and creative writing.  This 7-week program will help you travel through your internal landscape. Journals will be provided to all participants! Register through CatsConnect!