Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Men of CHICO

Men of Chico participants 

Men of CHICO (Culture, Honor, Integrity, Courage, Opportunity) is a University program that aims to empower, guide, and support men of color at Chico State. The program seeks to instill a sense of cultural, communal, and academic esteem in order to produce scholarly-astute change agents. Men of CHICO exists to improve persistence, retention, academic excellence, and post-baccalaureate trajectories for all participating students.

An integral part of helping these students build a sense of validation and self-efficacy is to provide them with a vision of the future they are working towards.  In the fall students participate in an annual camping trip, men of color roundtable sessions, and academic check-ins. In the spring interested students are encouraged to join the new cohort by enrolling in the Men of Color in Leadership course. Students participate in workshops on professional attire, resumé building, and interview preparation. Upon cohort completion, these students serve as mentors within the program and their respective communities. Furthermore, they continue to exude an expectation of excellence amongst their peers.  All students, regardless of sex, race, color, or national origin, who are interested in the program's mission and focus are welcome.  

For more information email the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center | 530-898-4101